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The numbers
tell the story

Consider these facts:

  • There was a 220% increase in lumbar fusion surgeries between 1990 and 2000
  • From 1998 to 2008 the annual number of spinal fusion hospital discharges increased by a 2.4 fold, not including out-patient fusions

The risks are great

Recent studies indicate that:

  • Nearly 20% of spinal surgeries may be unnecessary
  • Post-operative rates of infection, chronic pain, and "failed back surgery syndrome" are skyrocketing
  • 63% of patients required a blood transfusion during revision lumbar surgery


Our Mission
To provide a truly independent, comprehensive, educated second opinion for patients considering spinal surgery.

Our Philosophy
We believe in a conservative approach to treatment of back and spine problems – with surgery as last resort!

Why a Second Opinion? Second Opine Spine was created to fill a void in the world of spinal surgery: the need for a truly independent and objective second opinion – free of outside influence.
  • Any spinal surgeon can offer a second opinion. But is it truly an independent second opinion?
  • Is the surgeon being paid by an insurance company for that opinion? If so, what are the insurance company's interests?
  • Will the referring source send the surgeon any more patients if they don't get the opinion they want? Is an attorney paying?
  • Will the second opinion surgeon try to "steal" the surgery by offering an approach that is more appealing to the patient, yet may not be in the patient’s best interest?

This is just a small sampling of the multitude of factors that come into play when a spine surgeon is offering an opinion.

The pressures to perform surgeries. In today’s fee-based system, the more surgeries performed, the more revenue generated; and generally, the more extensive the surgery, the greater the profit for the surgeon.

Spine surgeons have the same pressures as any other profession. Overhead is high and the costs of practicing surgery require a significant volume of surgeries. Inevitably, the cost side of the equation exerts influence on medical considerations.

In fact, recent studies indicate that nearly 20% of all spinal surgeries may be unnecessary and that alternative approaches may actually be the better – and safer – course of action.

An opinion free of influence.Second Opine Spine is based on a completely different business model – one that allows the second opinion to be truly independent.

We do not accept any insurance – period. We are not influenced by a desire to have insurance companies send us more patients. We are not looking to build a new surgical practice. We have no financial interest or gain in the opinions rendered. We are not trying to “steal” patients so that we may become their surgeon.

Low flat fee, priceless peace of mind.At Second Opine Spine, our business is conducted solely and directly with the patient. Our services are performed for a flat fee paid by the patient, which does not change whether surgery is recommended or not.

At the very least, we offer you and your loved ones the peace-of-mind of knowing that your recommendation for surgery has been supported by the independent second opinion of a highly qualified, board-certified spinal surgeon.

With so much at stake, why wouldn’t you get a second opinion?

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